Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM)

Varina Burch of varinajewelry  began apprenticing in a fine jewelry store at the age of 19....opened a custom design shop at the age of 20 and have been in the Jewelry industry for 34 years.

Varina and her husband are Master Goldsmiths, who crossed over to the fashion world in 1988 and created many different lines, working with Galleries, Museum Stores, Gift Shops and Jewelry Stores.    She switched from Retail to wholesale in 1989. Made a line of Jaguar jewelry for JC Penney.

Varina designed jewelry for Major Surf shops along the East Coast of the United States including Ron Jon's.  Now winding down she goes sailing with her husband and son.

She mention "I am NOT getting out of the Jewelry business because I carve out of wax and will always work for the Jewelry Industry."

 Varina do wholesale work and have just recently taken on a new role of mentoring New Jewelry designers. She said it was quite by accident. She went on line to look for an on-line store that she might get rid of a LOT of stuff. Because she cannot bring everything with her when she set out to sea.

Varina found Yardsellr and a ton of talent. Varina not only joined Yardsellr but a whole new group called Centerpiece.

It is a place for designers to get together to share experiences, ideas, and the LOVE and Passion for jewelry making.


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