Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tiflo Gigts and More

Tiflo Gigts and More This is my new website check it out!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM) - Arty Lou

Arty Lou is a mother of two, a wife and a self taught jewelry maker, knitter and crocheter.  Arty loves what she does and she try to display her work in the most appealing way to her buyers. Arty mention it is an “ongoing and challenging process but you have to love what you do”.

Arty also find it exciting exploring and hopping from one new interest to the other.  She loves doing anything she can get her hands on.  Such as a little bit of jewelry making, knitting, crocheting, graphic design, English tutoring and photographing as well as a little bit of chocolate on the side!  Arty loves following her passions and it gives her great satisfaction!

Most of all, her greatest love are her two children. Arty dream is to fulfill her goals and be a mum who earns a satisfactory living at home and takes care of her children. 

In Arty store Isabelle it offers handmade accessories, baby items, cowls, cozies, hats and scarves with the best quality in wool that is available in Greece. Every piece is created with love and attention to detail therefore, ensuring your satisfaction.

In her other store Positive Vibes her desire is to design banners and web sites for local associations and for her family business and buttons for e-commerce.

To view her shops, click the links below:

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Norma Brock - Texas Eagle and Wee Irish Gallery

Norma Brock of Texas Eagle along with her husband opened their first studio in 1978, an arts and crafts business.  Norma said she is young at heart “Old Gal”, who wants to learn as much as she can about the people and places on this small planet.  

They started teaching ceramics and stained glass techniques.  They have tried just about every craft since then, and still cannot pick just one!  Norma mentions they are a Texas couple with a passion for the creative arts.  She also said photography was a family business, sewing and crafting have always been a way of life.

Norma has been a licensed insurance agent for many years.  She studied for a career in the travel industry, but prefer just to travel and learn firsthand.  She said her kids are wonderful and even better her grandkids. 

Norma is a real Texan that longs to fly like an eagle to travel and see the world.  She mentions that Ireland is her favorite destination.  Her favorite topics are music, family, travel, and her arts & crafts galleries, with a wee bit of faith and politics woven in. 
Norma said she and her husband have been trying to find a favorite medium to sell!  She also said;” she just love them all, and you never know what you will find in her shops.” 

Since Ireland is her favorite destination in addition to Texas items, she will feature many of their favorite bits of Eire!  Norma also said many of their items have an Irish influence and they have a catalog of over 20,000 images of Ireland.

Please Visit Norma at:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM) - Carolyn Sloan

Grandmother Carolyn of GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE the BEST of all titles to describe this wonderful woman! Carolyn is from Hendersonville and she think it's important to preserve time-honored traditions and heart-made treasures. Carolyn operates on the ABC premise (that there will Always Be Children) her items are sewn, knit, crocheted, and wood-worked in a manner that would make your own Grandparents (who taught us!) so very proud.

Carolyn is in her 70th year, she said she is blessed with good health and sound mind, and a core belief that anything is possible. There are children and grandchildren in her life that are awesome - beautiful, intelligent, full of unlimited potential and there is incredible joy in being able to observe them from a distance - watching them bloom on their own, so to speak, where they have been planted.

Carolyn creativity seems to spill over into all areas of her life - she love to cook and the idea of taking a little of this, a pinch of that and whatever is in the cupboard, and coming up with an outstanding meal plan is a happy challenge and accomplishment for her.  

Carolyn said Grandmother’s House is a tribute to Grandmothers, Mothers and to all of our elders, really who have invested time and love by teaching their young daughters (and sons, too) the fine arts of hand-work and home-making. 

Because so many of those crafts are now a dying art and that is why it is SO heart-warming to see, among the Zibbet family, people who are skilled in Tatting or Crocheting, Weaving, Knitting, or carrying on traditions of natural skin care or soap-making.  Carolyn love that which is old and traditional and she is passionate about creating items that are affordable to struggling young parents - items that are quality-made, useful, practical.

Grandmother Carolyn’s bailiwick are those precious Infant to Pre-Teens that you love to pamper! And pamper you can, with items that are hand- and heart-made in the traditions of old. Many of their items are intended to be keepsake, and others are designed to be utterly fashionable and durable. Embroidery designs are whimsical-to-serious and copyrights/trademark rules are always respected.

Grandmother Natalie is a super-talented knitter who turns out hats to mittens to layette sets. Poppa Craft is our official wooden frame-maker for those delightful embroidered pictures, Grammy Carter oversees Quality Control, and Grandmother's House is the brainchild of Grandmother Carolyn.

Carolyn said; We've just added a section called KIDS, SHOP HERE! in response to requests for a place for little guys 'n gals to shop for Moms, Dads, Nannas, Poppas, Teachers, School-Crossing Guards, etc. Items to chose from are very affordable, small 'n sweet, and intended to be treasured by both the giver and the recipient. So, come on in, bring the little ones, let them browse and shop in the comfort of your own home - avoid the Mall frenzy! 

Carolyn look up to every-day people whose names would mean nothing to the readers here on Zibbet; they are people with illnesses, disabilities, adversities and through it all, a strong Faith.  

These are the people who inspire her, at any given time, with their doggedness and direction; she so admire the discipline and business-sense that she remember in her Mother during her lifetime.  Carolyn mother was reserved, the soul of tact, and a tower of strength that held our family together during some very challenging times.  

The truth of the matter is that Carolyn is in the twilight of her life, and she said we are not really guaranteed anything beyond this one day, are we?  She also said; “ I will be content to take each day as it comes, live it to the fullest, create treasures for Grandmother’s House for as long as I am physically able.” Carolyn said it will never make her rich, but her heart will be happy - and a happy heart is a wealthy heart!  Carolyn have a good life….and now, she wonders what tomorrow will bring?  Please visit GRANDMOTHER'S HOUSE, we hope you'll find something you just CAN'T live without!

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM) - Judy Youngquest

In the summer of '79 Judy Youngquest  "dropped out" of the corporate world and moved to the Finger Lakes where Judy was co-buying a 112 acre organic farm.  After living 20 miles due north of Times Square, Judy was thrilled to learn that western New York State was so untouched, so behind the times, so gloriously clean and fresh. So Judy stayed there.

One summer day in the sleepy little village of Lodi, Judy
decided to track down the owner of an antique shop, named The Odd Lot, that was dingy and dusty and never open. Judy
was pointed in the direction of a huge house that was built in the 1700s. She knocked, met the

owner of the store and presented her offer to him. Judy said, "If you will let me use your store to sell some of my things, I will run the store for you for free." And he did but he did even better. She got a percentage of everything she sold of his. And then every weekend he was bringing her new pieces of antique furniture to sell out front. It was a win-win situation.

The Odd Lot was revived and thriving. About a year later, Judy
ended up buying an 1800s Salt Box home from this man, and then a few more years later down the road, she bought a barn from him next door to her house. Turns out the barn had been the original location of the Odd Lot before she had opened the store in town.

Now Judy found herself the owner of not only a barn but a barn stuffed with antiques.With all the events taking place Judy has been making buttons since 1979 when she purchased her first button machine. She started with small local arts and craft shows and later traveled all of the USA doing larger art shows and

Portable Graffiti her zibbet store now has 4 button machines and makes buttons, mirrors and magnets in various sizes.  Many of the buttons in her shop are vintage commercial, licensed buttons, badges, pins.  She mention you'll find newly created designs and she can create anything you need in any quantity. 

I am sure you are wondering if she has a family  well Judy is a work-at-home mother and have  2 awesome daughters.  She said, we are veteran  homeschoolers. One daughter is now in college and the other enjoying a full time job. 

 They are avid recyclers and care immensely about creating as small a carbon footprint on this earth as they can.

Judy’s talent did not stop there she mention her graphic design experience started in high school with a major in art. She won first place in an ad layout contest.

She worked in a print shop after school starting when she was 16 and stayed with the same company after graduation.  Judy  was a paste-up artist. She said they don't even call it that anymore, she guess.

Instead of a computer they used x-acto knives and rubber cement to cut up all the words and pictures and glued them in place instead of a computer key for "cut and paste." Lines were created with a roll of chart pak tape.

She still have a small collection of these "vintage" tools. She can't make herself get rid of her t-square, triangle, waxer, burnisher and proportion wheel even though they are useless tools now.

Judy’s is very talented she is also a proofreader by profession with 35 years experience proofreading for major publishers.  She continued most of her life working in the printing and publishing fields where she proofread magazines and books for major magazines and book publishing houses. 

Here are few of the hundreds of published books she have proofread for they are American Photographer, Omni, Cuisine, Penthouse and publishers are Bantam, Berkley and Kensington.

Judy writes the Fantastic Five on Zibbet. Check her out!

She write articles for Livestrong. This is one she wrote recently about living in Campgrounds. 

Judy write articles for like this one she wrote on How to have a totally handmade Christmas." she included a link to Zibbet. 

How to have a totally handmade Christmas. -

This is one of her favorites that she wrote about "How to Make Rubber Stamps with Rubber Bands." 

She write articles for like this one she wrote:

Okay one more, "Fun Pet Games for Kids." by Judy:

Visit Judy at:



Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Artist -Xquisite by Lady M

Xquisite by Lady M was founded in 2000.  Lady M mentions that throughout time, jewelry has been treasured, adorned royalty, expressed love, and defined individuals.  Jewelry is such a personal expression of whom you are and is meant to celebrate the beauty of the person it adorns.

 Lady M jewelry is lovingly crafted with an eye toward elegance with a touch of whimsy thrown in for good measure. Most of the pieces very comfortably could go from day to evening without ever having to worry about accessorizing. Lady M said just put the jewelry on and let your inner goddess shine!

On a personal note Lady M, have two incredible sons who keep her on her toes more often than not. One of them is 24 and the other is 22. Lady M sons are truly the best contribution she has ever made to this life. She also have a cat named Steve (not her idea LOL) and a lion head rabbit named Poof who looks like a giant powder puff with the face of an Ewok.

Many of Lady M pieces can be produced in quantity for your special
occasion, so if you have a question please drop Lady M a note and
 she will respond to  you within 24 hours.  Lady M said, “How wonderful would it be to be able  to give your wedding party  a suite of trinkets that will never be reproduced!”

Check out LADY M at:

Watch Xquisite by Lady M on YouTube

Friday, July 22, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM) - Iris Creations Jewelry

  Megan Chapman is the owner of Iris Creations Jewelry where she  design and sell handcrafted jewelry.  

Megan spent three years after graduating from high school looking for a job she turned to jewelry making. 

 She have been designing since January of 2011 short after losing her first job.  

Megan have been learning from a group of people who have been designing for a very long time.

Megan loves to try new things daily which helps her to find out what she likes and what she does not like. 

Megan agrees it is a constant process, but one that she loves being a part of.

Megan is always growing and adding designs and welcomes everyone to come grow with her.  

In Iris Creations Jewelry this is where you can find handcrafted designs for every occasion!  

 Megan encourages everyone to take a look around and see what you like.

Everything in Iris Creations Jewelry is avaliable for purchase and you are sure to find something as unique and beautiful as you!

As a side note, Megan also hopes to go to school soon for resturaunt and business management. 

Please check out Iris Creations Jewelry at:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Artist - Tammy Pearls

Tammy Beatty of Tammy's Pearls was born in Elk City, Oklahoma and said the happiest moments of her childhood were in Austin TX, where she lived since the age of 15.

Tammy‘s grandmother taught her to crochet when she was around 12. Tammy has been crocheting ever since! She has written several of her own patterns. You can find Tammy’s crotchet patterns on her online store. :)   

Tammy have been crocheting for over 20 years, and making jewelry for the last five. She enjoys creating fun and crazy pieces.

Tammy loves a good challenge! From crochet to jewelry, to acrylic painting, she has a blast by letting her creative side run wild.

Tammy have been crocheting for over 20 years, and making jewelry for the last five. She enjoys creating fun and crazy pieces.

Tammy is a very open-minded individual, and loves to meet others who share the same interests!

Check out Tammy's Pearls Online at:

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