Friday, September 30, 2011

Norma Brock - Texas Eagle and Wee Irish Gallery

Norma Brock of Texas Eagle along with her husband opened their first studio in 1978, an arts and crafts business.  Norma said she is young at heart “Old Gal”, who wants to learn as much as she can about the people and places on this small planet.  

They started teaching ceramics and stained glass techniques.  They have tried just about every craft since then, and still cannot pick just one!  Norma mentions they are a Texas couple with a passion for the creative arts.  She also said photography was a family business, sewing and crafting have always been a way of life.

Norma has been a licensed insurance agent for many years.  She studied for a career in the travel industry, but prefer just to travel and learn firsthand.  She said her kids are wonderful and even better her grandkids. 

Norma is a real Texan that longs to fly like an eagle to travel and see the world.  She mentions that Ireland is her favorite destination.  Her favorite topics are music, family, travel, and her arts & crafts galleries, with a wee bit of faith and politics woven in. 
Norma said she and her husband have been trying to find a favorite medium to sell!  She also said;” she just love them all, and you never know what you will find in her shops.” 

Since Ireland is her favorite destination in addition to Texas items, she will feature many of their favorite bits of Eire!  Norma also said many of their items have an Irish influence and they have a catalog of over 20,000 images of Ireland.

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