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Weekend Artist (TM) - Judy Youngquest

In the summer of '79 Judy Youngquest  "dropped out" of the corporate world and moved to the Finger Lakes where Judy was co-buying a 112 acre organic farm.  After living 20 miles due north of Times Square, Judy was thrilled to learn that western New York State was so untouched, so behind the times, so gloriously clean and fresh. So Judy stayed there.

One summer day in the sleepy little village of Lodi, Judy
decided to track down the owner of an antique shop, named The Odd Lot, that was dingy and dusty and never open. Judy
was pointed in the direction of a huge house that was built in the 1700s. She knocked, met the

owner of the store and presented her offer to him. Judy said, "If you will let me use your store to sell some of my things, I will run the store for you for free." And he did but he did even better. She got a percentage of everything she sold of his. And then every weekend he was bringing her new pieces of antique furniture to sell out front. It was a win-win situation.

The Odd Lot was revived and thriving. About a year later, Judy
ended up buying an 1800s Salt Box home from this man, and then a few more years later down the road, she bought a barn from him next door to her house. Turns out the barn had been the original location of the Odd Lot before she had opened the store in town.

Now Judy found herself the owner of not only a barn but a barn stuffed with antiques.With all the events taking place Judy has been making buttons since 1979 when she purchased her first button machine. She started with small local arts and craft shows and later traveled all of the USA doing larger art shows and

Portable Graffiti her zibbet store now has 4 button machines and makes buttons, mirrors and magnets in various sizes.  Many of the buttons in her shop are vintage commercial, licensed buttons, badges, pins.  She mention you'll find newly created designs and she can create anything you need in any quantity. 

I am sure you are wondering if she has a family  well Judy is a work-at-home mother and have  2 awesome daughters.  She said, we are veteran  homeschoolers. One daughter is now in college and the other enjoying a full time job. 

 They are avid recyclers and care immensely about creating as small a carbon footprint on this earth as they can.

Judy’s talent did not stop there she mention her graphic design experience started in high school with a major in art. She won first place in an ad layout contest.

She worked in a print shop after school starting when she was 16 and stayed with the same company after graduation.  Judy  was a paste-up artist. She said they don't even call it that anymore, she guess.

Instead of a computer they used x-acto knives and rubber cement to cut up all the words and pictures and glued them in place instead of a computer key for "cut and paste." Lines were created with a roll of chart pak tape.

She still have a small collection of these "vintage" tools. She can't make herself get rid of her t-square, triangle, waxer, burnisher and proportion wheel even though they are useless tools now.

Judy’s is very talented she is also a proofreader by profession with 35 years experience proofreading for major publishers.  She continued most of her life working in the printing and publishing fields where she proofread magazines and books for major magazines and book publishing houses. 

Here are few of the hundreds of published books she have proofread for they are American Photographer, Omni, Cuisine, Penthouse and publishers are Bantam, Berkley and Kensington.

Judy writes the Fantastic Five on Zibbet. Check her out!

She write articles for Livestrong. This is one she wrote recently about living in Campgrounds. 

Judy write articles for like this one she wrote on How to have a totally handmade Christmas." she included a link to Zibbet. 

How to have a totally handmade Christmas. -

This is one of her favorites that she wrote about "How to Make Rubber Stamps with Rubber Bands." 

She write articles for like this one she wrote:

Okay one more, "Fun Pet Games for Kids." by Judy:

Visit Judy at:




Raige Creations said...

that is one talented woman, and BUSY! Nice feature.

Portable Graffiti said...

WOW! You really did a lot of research to write this. I guess my life is an open book (I mean web page). LOL

Since I didn't give you anything at all to work with you sure did an awesome write-up.

Thanks so much for featuring me.


mcs8409 said...

Wonderful post on our Ms. Judy - whe is the BEST at what she does with graphics - and the ONLY person I trust with my wants/needs for Grandmother's House!

I want to know what happened to the store in NY - I'll be travelling N soon and if I thought it was still there, would side trip over and take a recent photo for Ms. Judy...........

Loved this post! Well-deserved!

Portable Graffiti said...

Carolyn, that barn is still there, but the building that housed the Odd Lot on Main Street was demolished by people who bought it and wanted the space for a lawn. : ( I have a photo of it though I'll dig up.

Where in NY are you going?

Woodlawn Community Center said...

Awesome to know more about our Judy, she is a fabulous, kind, and just an all around wonderful person, and easy to work with!! LOVE her!

monkmama said...

Loved reading about Judy & her life in NY. Sounds like such an adventure,the shop sounds like it was a fun place to be! Wonderful article & Judy is a very nice gal!

hannahsgems said...
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