Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Artist (TM) - Rebecca West

Rebecca West of Body & Soul Products, RWestDesigns Jewelry and SampleZBox  said she is a a true believer in you get back what you put out in this world. You know you reap what you sow.  Because of believing she have been blessed with much love,  from her husband, daughter,family, friends, and now the Zibbet community.

Rebecca said; 'I am all about hand ~made and I guess you can "blame" my great~grandmother, grandmother, and mom.  I come from  generations of women who made things with their hands,  some out of neccessity... some just because they enjoyed it.  I have lots of hand~made items from all of them.  They are precious to my heart and I can't wait to pass them down to my daughter.

Rebecca also said she has always been creating as long as she can remember.  Rebecca  always got crafting kits as a young girl, from pot holder makers, latch hook kits, beading kits, all kinds of crafting kits from lots of different people in my life.  She loves hand made and she want to help spread the word about everyone that makes things with their hands!!

Rebecca mention most of all because she truly love to help people, sometimes she  think she  scares them because she tries to be tooooo helpful and people wonder what is she up to. 
 Rebecca said;"Honestly it's just because I like to help."  Rebecca believes in teamwork, and she said;"if we all stick together and help each other we will all benefit!!"

 Here is one way Rebecca have been helpful.  She created a successful marketing tool call the ZBox. 

The Z Box is dedicated to introducing you to some fabulous Artists and Crafters that own shops on the innovative selling venue of Zibbet. Z Box contains sample items from some of these shop owners. Check back often to see what is featured in each month's box, and there will always be some surprises also!!

These boxes are available for purchase, so that you can receive a sampling of these Artists & Crafters talents. There will even be coupons from some of them , for you when you shop at their Zibbet Shops!  Order ZBoxes here.  Learn More About Zboxes Here

Rebecca even went as far as creating ZBox TV on You Tube see a sample video here:


 Rebecca is a very talented woman. 
Please visit all her shop, blogs and follower her on Facebook and Twitter


Rebecca said...

Awesome!! Thank you so much! You make me sound so good, I hope I can live up to that!! LOL I will post around!!

Raige Creations said...

Becky ROCKS! and her name is the best. :)
She is a hard working sweetheart.
nice write up.

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