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Faye Goode said she love just being alive. She also said  there is so much of the world to explore and such a wonderful support group around her. Faye's passion is quickly evolving as a jewelry designer though in another life she was an equally passionate Canadian Realtor.She enjoy using castoff elements from my friend's jewel boxes or from garage sale finds and combining them with some nice sparkly new elements to create a pleasant marriage between old and new in unique jewelry designs. Nothing is duplicated in her shop. 

Each creation is an exciting new adventure for her. Faye's wood carving/retired architect/husband and her live in a lovely little cedar chalet with soaring cathedral ceilings tucked up on a hill in a small ski and golf course community. It's a cozy little spot. West Coast native carvings and various other pieces and totems of her husband's incredible carving surround them as they work together on their various creative endeavors. It's a lovely life. 

Faye said; "How did I get to be so lucky?"       

Faye opened her Woodcot Designs Zibbet Shop on June 30, 2010 and on October 19 the “Bauble Bin” jewelry supply shop was born and became the second of her shops to be sheltered by the Zibbet family of friends and helpmates.

Aside from that there are a couple of local gift shops who handle her work and she opened a tiny shop in her home and on days when she feel full of beans she put some professionally designed ‘Jewelry Sale Today’ signs out around her resort community and sell some of her original designs from her  home.
Woodcot Designs

Description  - Perfect pale blue leaves are adorned by lilac and turquoise crackle glass on silver plated French ear wires.  These darling earrings were the third in my Midsummer's Night Collection of spring and summer earrings.


                                        FAN FANTASY Gold Fan Necklace Set

Description -This is about as delicate as it can get in lovely soft shades of blue. A collapsible 24k gold party fan has been salvaged from a friend's treasure trove and will become an interesting conversation piece as people are sure to ask you about it. This set will bring you many compliments for it is so unusual. The necklace is 23 inches long. Cultured pearls in graduated sizes and tiny gold filigree beads are strung on golden wire. The beads groupings are held in place by tiny gold crimps. Add a little bit of light weight lucite and that glorious gold fan and this item is a real show stopper. 

 Bauble Bin
 Beader's Paradise. Bauble Heaven. All happening at The Bauble Bin


Bezel Bejewelled 14k Gold with 3mm Pink and Clear Crystal

Description - This 14k gold chain is just 5 inches long and it has a 14k gold clasp attached to it on on end. 3mm Pink and clear crystals adorn this beautiful length of chain. You will receive one chain in your package.

Description - This is one pretty heart in a rich cornflower blue and has fabulous markings.  The stone is sea sediment jasper. A wonderful gift of nature.






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 Bauble Bin

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